Why You've Got To Rent A Convertible In Maui

Why You’ve Got To Rent A Convertible In Maui
Car rentals depend on so many factors, sometimes I want the bare minimum and others I’ve got to make sure it’s got four wheel drive, tow kit, and the whole package. The first part of my recent Hawaii trip I rented a truck since I was planning on renting a kayak in Oahu. Turns out having a truck for kayak rentals really doesn’t matter, but it did come in handy for a quite way to get an elevated shot… But the second half of the trip was in Maui. From the little to no research I did, it sounded like driving was a pretty crucial, especially if I was to do the Road to Hana. Well if I really wanted to experience the drive I needed a convertible. Even better if its a sports car…    

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