5 Picture Perfect Places in Oahu Hawaii

1. North End of Lanikai Beach

2. Kualoa Regional Park

Here you will find the infamous China Man’s Hat floating off the coast but if you turn around you’ll also see some great palms with the massive mountains as a backdrop.

3. Laniakea Beach

Part of the North Shore which contain the last 3 picture perfect spots, the first is Laniakea Beach.  

The first spot we checked out was Laniakea Beach (Not to be confused with Lanikai Beach) which had a few sea turtles chilling in the sand laying their eggs. It looked like this was a pretty known spot for the turtles to come and nest which makes sense why the Save The Sea Turtles Non Profit would be right next to this beach.

Turtles have always been one of my all-time favorite animals and this trip was the first time ever seeing one this big out in the wild.

4.Banzai Pipeline

The Crooked Palm at Sunset Beach Oahu Hawaii

5. Sunset Beach

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