Where to begin?

With such an information overload, it can be crippling trying to chose options for just about anything. I hope to help break things down and make it easier to find resources, know which gear will be ideal for your trip depending on your travel style, and have the right tools for making your travel a bit easier.

I am still in the process of curating content and creating more in-depth guides and resource pages so stay tuned!

Plan Your Trip Flights - Hotels


My personal favorite for finding flights. Especially love the flex date capabilities


The best flight search for Europe and great for most of the globe as well


Some of the lowest airfares and trip protection for free

Another personal favorite but this time for finding hotels.


Rent a room, an apartment or even a whole house! Definitely my favorite way to stay when I’m away.


Great for low cost places to stay.

Get The Gear

Gear Lists

Checkout the travel kits from each trip, equipment reviews, and custom crafted gear lists idea for specific situations.

Gear Recommendations

Checkout Activity Specific Gear Lists

Project Specific Kit Lists

See exactly what gear I used on each project or trip.

Need to Rent Gear? I personally rent out my gear on these sites

Other Travel Resources

Checkout all of my recommended gear lists for travel, reviews of my favorite items, and other useful tools finding the cheapest flights, hotels, and other deals.


Rent an RV!

Lots of folks own RVs. Lots of folks want to rent RVs. Outdoorsy is how they meet.

They’re the most comprehensive platform for outdoor travelers to rent stylish awesome RVs in the nation. They’re selection spans vintage Airstreams, toy haulers, fifth wheelers, Class A, B, and C of RVs, as well as garden variety trailers and motorhomes.

For professional RV rental companies, they launched Wheelbase for inventory management, utilization rates, and the best insurance in the business.

Outdoorsy is safe, easy, fully insured, and has a great local selection. Also free to join and have no membership fees of any kind. Discover amazing RVs to travel in – or rent out your own!


Use link and code: SPRING10

Plan Your Roadtrip!

Roadtrippers App

Use link or code: BTR5QTP

The Best Music for Your Videos

Finding the right song for your video is sometimes half the work. Choosing the right song is so important to help both communicate your vision and stand out from the rest.

My Personal Choice | Musicbed

Royalty free music that doesn’t feel like stock music.

Want to Sell Stock Photos or Videos? These are the agencies I recommend

If You Dont Want to do the Dirty Work


If you have a ton of video footage but don’t want to do all the tedious titling and metadata, you should checkout Blackbox. There are 2 key reasons to use Blackbox for selling stock footage.

  1. You can provide a percentage as payment for a curator to do the metadata
  2. You upload to Blackbox once and it loads it to 4 of the main stock sites 


Highest quality clips and best traffic for stock sales

Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5

Adobe Stock

Integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud

Stock Clip Curation


Hands down THE BEST way to stay organized and manage your thousands of clips without going insane

Media Management


One of the most full-featured media management systems out there.

Video Review and Feedback

Hands down the best video review platform

Professional Video Portfolio and Review


Been using Vimeo since it’s inceptions


I know what you’re thinking 🤔 Why are you recommending meal services?! Well to be honest conquering the seemingly simple task of keeping myself feed every day has become too challenging to ignore. 

With how many things are on my plate running a Video Production business in NYC, building the JSAYing website and Video Channels, balancing an international relationship, and maintaining mental and physical sanity… yea my actual plate was empty more times than I can count.

Live in the US?

When You Have Zero Time

Freshly (My personal choice)

I’ve tried many of these but with how exhausting running a business in NYC, traveling, and all my side hustles, meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking became a mountain I could no longer climb.

Have Some Time To Cook

Hello Fresh

HelloFresh was one of my favorite Meal Delivery services and they had some amazing meals to cook.

Live in Canada Eh?!

Have Some Time To Cook

Chefs Plate

Tried out Chefs Plate when staying in London Ontario and would say they one most comparable to Hello Fresh

Start Your Own Blogging Resources

A2 Hosting

Don’t fall for the Bluehost Bait… Get super fast and reliable hosting for your Wordpress blog.

Superstar Blogging

Nomadic Matt has been one of the most prominent Travel Blog resources in the game. Check it out

Jesse On A Journey

A great blog for learning how to get started in the Travel Blog World

Just FYI – Some links above are affiliate link which don’t cost any extra for you, but allow me to earn a small commission helping reduce costs of hosting/running this site. Whether I earn a commission or not, I only recommend products I genuinely believe are valuable to my work and could be for you.

Feel free to shoot me a message with any questions!