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Trip Highlights

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Oahu & Maui

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Why You’ve Got To Rent A Convertible In Maui

Car rentals depend on so many factors, sometimes I want the bare minimum and others I’ve got to make sure it’s got four wheel drive, tow kit, and the whole package. The first part of my recent Hawaii trip I rented a truck since I was planning on renting a kayak in Oahu. Turns out having a truck for kayak …

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5 Picture Perfect Places in Oahu Hawaii

1. North End of Lanikai Beach 2. Kualoa Regional Park Here you will find the infamous China Man’s Hat floating off the coast but if you turn around you’ll also see some great palms with the massive mountains as a backdrop. 3. Laniakea Beach Part of the North Shore which contain the last 3 picture perfect spots, the first is Laniakea …

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5 Things: I Wish I Did When In Oahu

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Top 3: Experiences From My First Trip To Oahu Hawaii

One week in Oahu is definitely enough time to cover the island. It’s pretty easy to find awesome things to do and definitely helps when you have friends or family to visit. Certainly made our lives easier navigating and making group decisions. But that can be also a challenge. The more people in your group the harder it can be to find things to do that everyone loves. There were definitely things I wish I did on our visit but I still had a blast relaxing and adopting the island mentality… which is definitely challenge for a New Yorker like me.

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