A handful of years in NYC and I still haven’t been to Governor’s Island. Today was a perfect day to change that.

It was perfect in just about every way.

The weather was gorgeous, my new 35mm Zeiss lens was gorgeous, and my partner in crime, Carolina was gorgeous as usual.


Quick Capture of Care


Laced up with a pair of flawlessly white shoes, feeling like a kid on his first day back to school, I was excited. Carolina rolled her eyes at my ridiculousness and  we hopped on the ferry.


The Shoes I Walk In



$2 and 20 minutes later we arrived at Governor’s Island  with a front row view of downtown. Manhattan has so many  different skylines but this is on of my favorites. Surrounded by water it looks like an massive city island.



We stopped by the poetry festival, walked around the island and jackpot – the Hammock Grove! Definitely a hot spot which made it difficult to find an open hammock. The trick was to find a good location on the grass with a view of a good cluster of hammocks and keep an eye out for who looks to be getting ready to leave. Usually within 10-15 minutes someone is bound to get up.


After a few hours and a couple cones of soft served ice cream, we had our fill and caught the ferry back to Manhattan. While heading to catch the A train downtown , the setting sun was reflection on the building behind us.

Perfect opportunity for an impromptu photoshoot.