I can hear the clock ticking…

…but I can never find the time.

About About

That quote is my best attempt to interpret the subconscious struggle I’ve been battling for more than half my life. To better understand who I am, you’ll need to understand my what drives me and why. 



I am a


governed by LOGIC INSPIRED by emotion,

experienced and confident HUMBLED by perspective.



I am JJ Sereday JSAYing

  • WHO

    The WHO site is more than an about page. It provides a platform for me to share some Personal Projects and a deeper look Behind The Scenes of my life. It is also a collection of moments and memories shared with the people who help make my life whole.

  • WHAT


    I’ve always wanted to go. Anywhere but here. There was nothing wrong with here, but if I went there (didn’t matter where) it made me more aware. Especially when I got back here.

    I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a bit the past few years and have been collecting memories throughout my journeys. WHERE is JSAYing is more than just a Travel Blog, it’s a interconnected collection of experiences mixed with curated content and recommendations.

About About

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My first taste of adventure began with…

…long road trips to visit my Grandpa in Florida.

Looking back, it makes sense why I’ve always had such a desire to get out and explore the world. My grandpa loooved to travel, and though my brothers may have inherited his looks, he passed his adventurous spirit on to me… along with his incredible smile.

That smile reflected his love of life and his incredible pride of his grandchildren. I could hear that smile all the way through the phone whenever I called, no matter where in the world I was.

“Heeeeey JOSHUA!

Where are you now?!”




Who’s Joshua?!


  • Spoiler Alert

    JJ stands for Joshua James. Cute right? I know I like that name too, but its reserved for family… and friends from before 1999.


Anyway, my grandpa, Wesley Walter Hahn, was a huge influence on my hunger to hit the road, or jump on a plane, or to just – GO. See the world. Explore life outside of the comfort zone. 

Sounds like a nice tribute to his life, but guess what?! He’s still here – kicking and counting great-grandkids. We dont need to wait til someone passes to celebrate their life. In fact – I am currently working with him to scan, organize, and compile his thousands of photographs which have been sitting in shoe boxes for most of my life.


Grandpa’s Travels

As we compare our journeys, we will also be posting his travels here on the site.  Coming Soon


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But What About You, Mr. Sereday?


Hi, I’m JJ and I am an excessive experience addict and been struggling with a serious addiction to life.

Is this a joke?

Sadly, no. My addiction has had serious effects on my life, health, and relationships. On the surface things can appear to be fine, in fact they often seem to be perfect. But that is what can make it so dangerous. The blissful ignorance perpetuates deeper into an unsustainable lifestyle.

See, I’ve been part of EEA for as long as I can possibly remember. But then again what I remember is a bit tricky. I am not sure if it is genetic or if my lifelong quest for stimulation overloads my memory conductors but I tend to not remember things without a clear visual representation. I never realized this until my 20’s when I started looking back at photos earlier in life. The pictures acted as a clear catalyst to rejuivinate the memories in my mind. Similar to how a certain song or smell will take you right back, visually stimulating my mind re-activated the experience and emotions connected.

Since then I began collecting and organizing my life digitally. Granted most of the content was skate videos and music – but I knew for me, it was important. Still that didn’t slow me down from chasing life as fast as I could trying to collect exciting experiences as if it were a game. But this time I didn’t have to put as much effort in remembering the experiences since I had them stored to access at anytime.


 And then it happend…

A harddrive failure.

I lost the majority of my photos and videos. At the time I didn’t realize the gravity of the loss. Sure, I was mad but I still had a harddrive with my skate video edits which was most important at the time.

Years later I realized loosing the photos and videos from that time was a serious issue.

It meant I would have a

blackout of experiences in my memory

  • Explanation

    Just to clarify, I can remember things. I don’t have a specific disorder (that I know of) but compared to most I tend to need a little help remember specifics. Some people remember exactly what was said or the date and time or who wore what, but I tend to mostly remember emotions felt during an experience.

Ever since then, I took backup very very seriously. [In fact you should too]⁠1

It wasn’t a complete lost though. My parents still had photo prints of us went we were younger. Photos from our family trips but not many.

See – growing up, travel wasn’t nearly as accessable as it is today. Plus we didn’t take many big vacations with my parents, mostly because my dad owned an electrical business which made it hard for him to disconnect from… something that I understand a great deal more as a business owner myself. Usually we would spend a week down at the Jersey Shore since it was so close to home. So our trips to Florida were always an exciting adventure. 

As I got older I looked for any and every opportunity to escape South Jersey. Most of them were skate tours and road trips with an occasional flight somewhere if I was lucky. It wasn’t until a work trip to Belize that I realize the potentional to travel for the work I love to do.

And that’s when I began to slowly adjust and build a flexible work/life/travel combination. I realize that there are people who up and quit their jobs and just travel the world full time, but that means you must quit your current life and leave all your friends and family behind. Realistically that is not an option for many of us. See I feel that anything to an extreme is bad. Too much comfort leads to complacency. Overindulgent experiences is not sustainable and leads to fulfillment issues.

 Personally I wanted to find a healthy balance of travel and experiences while also maintaining a semi-sense of order and routine. 

My goal with the travel portion of my blog is to recollect and reflect on the experiences I’m thankful to have had and how the world has helped open my mind and better understand people, cultures, and ultimately myself.

While is documented for me to better remember my journeys, I will also be sharing some tips and advice I’ve learn from my failures or successes. 

Why make your own mistakes when you can learn from others?














Adobe Spark

Each major trip has a travel photo essay created with the Adobe Spark platform.


More in-depth and reflective posts are also published to this platform focused on reading content.


Little digital booklets of my trips are created on the Stellar storytelling app for iOS


Individual photos captured throughout my journeys posted daily. Follow along!


Travel articles and recommendations are also shared with Facebook.


Location reviews and their best images are linked and shared with Google+

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