Every Trip Is An Adventure...

…even if it is just outside my door.

I’ve spent the first 30 years of my life in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and now New York City. Although this is a lifestyle/travel blog, there are so many incredible places right here in the Tri-State area.







New York City is the first place I’ve lived that I truly felt at home. The energy, the excitement, the ability to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted has always been appealing to me.

Sure living in a city that literally never sleeps has it caveats but once I learned to not just handle them but to make them work for me, it made me love the city even more.

West Indian Day Parade

5 Years in Crown Heights yet I had never been to the West Indian Day Parade. Might sound impossible since the festival consumes my ENTIRE neighborhood but I am always out of the city celebrating Labor Day with friends or family. This year we stayed in Brooklyn so I figured I would see what the hype was about. I had …

Arriving at Governor's Island

Governor’s Island

A handful of years in NYC and I still haven’t been to Governor’s Island. Today was a perfect day to change that. It was perfect in just about every way. The weather was gorgeous, my new 35mm Zeiss lens was gorgeous, and my partner in crime, Carolina was gorgeous as usual.     Laced up with a pair of flawlessly …


My First Brooklyn Blizzard

I have always loved how the trees align down the path of the Eastern Parkway and seemingly travel into infinity. During our first 2013 blizzard here in Brooklyn, I rigged up a weather resistant bag for my camera and ventured out into the storm. During this period I was still pushing myself to learn better composition and create better images. …