I truly believe that Creativity is infectious.

When a combination of ideas, talent, and positive energy come together for the raw intent of creating… something amazing happens. It is one of those things which you need to experience to get a true sense of the … *Warning! Use of corporate buzzword*   Synergy (I did my research and there really isn’t another word to define the collective value collaboration can have over individual parts). that takes place.

It’s exciting, contagious, and even energizing. I am excited to dive deeper into future collaborations which is something I had to “put off” in order to fund my business and survive living in NYC.

Here are a few recent collaborations involving travel. If you’d like to see all project collaborations – checkout my Projects page (WHOisJSaying)

Thumb 190123 Sedona AZ - C DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

Sedona Red Rocks Aerials

Arizona has some pretty amazing hikes – had us feeling like #IndianaJones searching for long lost civilizations 😂 But seriously Sedona is amazing. We hiked Fey Canyon Trail and I took the drone up for some better views.

Will be posting another highlight every week 


Lil Ninja Raph

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