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And we all want to be doing it more than we actually are. But I am not going to sit here and tell you to quit your job and travel the world and gain wealth through experiences… Instead I want to share… you know what? Let’s start over.

Hey – I’m JJ

I’m a creative professional slightly obsessed with life and capturing it to share with others. This site started as an outlet to recollect my journeys and share the things I’ve learned along the way. As the site grows I will be sharing pro tips, techniques and personal recommendations while continuing to collaborate with other creatives.






A JSaying Original Short Film

THIS MATTERS Alive Together Film Trailer | London Ontario


A JSaying Original Short Film

ALONE TOGETHER COVID 19 Pandemic - London Ontario


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Quick Trip Hacks to Travel Like a Ninja

Quick Trip Hacks to Travel Like a Ninja

Yea yea yea - you love to travel we know. Well guess what? The more you want to do the more work it is and the more you will need a vacation from your vacation. Well the good news is - the more you travel the better get at traveling… crazy I know! But don’t get ahead of yourself yet - you have a long way to go before can put on that Travel Ninja Black Belt. Lucky for you, you have me.

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Is This Europe or South America?

Is This Europe or South America?

5 Things: I Wish I Did When In Oahu

5 Things: I Wish I Did When In Oahu

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Bucket List
5 Picture Perfect Places in Oahu Hawaii

5 Picture Perfect Places in Oahu Hawaii

1. North End of Lanikai Beach

2. Kualoa Regional Park

Here you will find the infamous China Man's Hat floating off the coast but if you turn around you'll also see some great palms with the massive mountains as a backdrop.

3. Laniakea Beach

Part of the North Shore which contain the last 3 picture perfect spots, the first is Laniakea Beach.  

The first spot we checked out was Laniakea Beach (Not to be confused with Lanikai Beach) which had a few sea turtles chilling in the sand laying their eggs. It looked like this was a pretty known spot for the turtles to come and nest which makes sense why the Save The Sea Turtles Non Profit would be right next to this beach.

Turtles have always been one of my all-time favorite animals and this trip was the first time ever seeing one this big out in the wild.

4.Banzai Pipeline

The Crooked Palm at Sunset Beach Oahu Hawaii

5. Sunset Beach

Top 3: Experiences From My First Trip To Oahu Hawaii

Top 3: Experiences From My First Trip To Oahu Hawaii

One week in Oahu is definitely enough time to cover the island. It's pretty easy to find awesome things to do and definitely helps when you have friends or family to visit. Certainly made our lives easier navigating and making group decisions. But that can be also a challenge. The more people in your group the harder it can be to find things to do that everyone loves. There were definitely things I wish I did on our visit but I still had a blast relaxing and adopting the island mentality... which is definitely challenge for a New Yorker like me.


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